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House of Lusignan
Head of the Family
Name: Amalric de Lusignan
Title(s): Count of Jaffa and Constable of Jerusalem
Residence: The palace in Acre which comes with the office of Constable.
Allegiance: The throne (ostensibly)
Direct Vassals:
Offices Held: Constable of Jerusalem
Fiefdoms Held: County of Jaffa, County of Ascalon (cadet branch, Geoffrey de Lusignan), the Kingdom of Cyprus (cadet branch, Guy de Lusignan)
Known Alliances:
Known Enemies: The Ibelins
OOC Information
Faction: Incomers
New Members: Welcome
Contact Player: Amalric

Hugh VIII de Lusignan (called Hugh the Old) (d. 1165 or 1171), Count de la Marche, m. 1140 Bourgogne de Rançon, Dame de Fontenay (d. 1169).

  • Hugh de Lusignan (c. 1141–1169)
    • (m. before 1162) Orengarde (d. 1169)
      • (b. 1163) Hugh IX de Lusignan
        • (m.) Agathe de Preuilly (a. 1189)
        • (m.) Mathilde of Angoulême
      • (b. 1164) Raoul de Lusignan

  • Robert de Lusignan (d. 1150)
    • (died in childhood)

  • Pierre de Lusignan (b. before 1155)
    • (no known marriage or issue)

  • Amalric de Lusignan (b. 1145)
    • (m. before October 1174) Eschiva of Ibelin (b. 1160ish)
      • (b. between 1176 and 1180) Bourgogne de Lusignan
        • (m.) Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse
          • (no issue)
      • (b. 1190) Helvis de Lusignan

  • Guillaume de Lusignan (b. after 1163)

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