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We are opening the game with a minimal grid, because conjuring a grid out of nowhere takes a great deal of time and effort: we wish to get to the fun part as quickly as possible, and we suspect you do too. This will necessitate a certain amount of use of the TP Rooms, but we feel our collective imagination is up to it!

Moreover, our conscience requires us to state that our grid is not intended as an exact replica of medieval Acre. For one thing, we don't think it could be done: large areas of the city were destroyed regularly through our period, the maps available to us today tend to differ upon even the most significant points, and we are reluctant to pop over to Palestine ourselves with a trowel and a tape measure.

Instead we are frankly interpreting reality in a form convenient for roleplay. We hope you'll like it.

On-Grid Housing

Every PC is entitled to on-grid housing.

However, in practice, the area of the grid in which your character would be most likely to live may not yet have taken shape. We ask your understanding and your indulgence; we are making such areas a priority and your homelessness should not be a protracted circumstance.

If you're new to the game and would like to sort out your living arrangements, please submit a +request. (If you fancy being really beforehand, you might like to mention where you're living in your background.)

We ask that you write your own room desc, though it may be edited for style in order to maintain a consistent overall atmosphere on the grid.

In most cases you're welcome to describe multiple IC rooms within a single grid room. Extra grid rooms may be provided at admin discretion, depending upon whether it's likely they would have a specific use in roleplay.

Living Arrangements

Among the great families of the realm, the Courtenays are wards of the Crown without an establishment of their own, the Lusignans reside in the main in the palace set aside for the Constable of Jerusalem, and the Ibelins and Greniers in their erstwhile summer palaces, though the latter isn't much more than a particularly smart townhouse. The Saint-Omers are unusual in possessing not only the right of the Seneschal's palace, but the crumbly summer home of the Princes of Galilee.

The highest clerics, such as the Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Archbishops of Tyre and Acre itself, have also, somehow or another, been provided with palaces suitable to their situation since the city was retaken in 1191.

Courtyard houses and tower houses are the most common domestic architecture. Larger houses have their own private courtyards; smaller houses often cluster several together round a central court, sharing walls and a well and a passage to the street. In the Italian quarters one finds also mercantile palazzi, each two or three storeys tall behind its loggia, with shops on the lower floor and apartments above.

The freehold of the cheapest houses in Acre costs around 25 bezants, while larger and more splendid houses are typically in the range of 40 to 80 bezants. The latter is a considerable sum which not absolutely every character should rely upon having to hand, particularly at this dubious point in history when the Holy Land attracts more misfits than paragons. To a considerable extent lesser branches of families batten upon greater ones, knights and clerics of course upon their orders, and courtiers upon the court itself.

Rented accommodation is multitudinous. Those who aren't willing or able to commit themselves to the purchase of property in a city which, let us remember, has been lost and retaken multiple times in recent memory, might rent a house, or part of a house; monasteries let rooms to pilgrims, mercantile palazzi to traders, and taverns to anyone who can pay.

Grid Maps

Courtesy of the Countess of Edessa; subject, alas, to change. Efforts have been made to see that these maps resemble the physical layout of our version of Acre, but it must be remembered that they are no more exact a guide than a subway map.


Map Palace.jpeg

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