Helvis of Ibelin

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Helvis of Ibelin
Helvis of ibelin.jpg
Full Name: Helvis Maria Grenier
Title(s): Lady of Sidon and Beaufort Castle
Age: 13
Birthdate: 18 December 1178
Nationality: Frankish
Religion: Latin Rite
Allegiance: Ibelin? Grenier?
Father: Balian of Ibelin
Mother: Maria Comnena
Marriage(s): Renaud Grenier (1190)
Issue: None
OOC Information
Type: Closed NPC
Faction: Poulains
Portrayed By: Molly Quinn

Helvis of Ibelin (b. 1178) is the daughter of one queen and the half-sister of another, and the young vixen of that old fox Renaud Grenier. She has her father's eyes but quite unaccountable golden hair, and an air of ingenuous which belies her upbringing adjacent to the Ibelins' council of iniquity.

At the age of twelve she was given in matrimony to a man past fifty. As of the summer of 1192, she has not yet gone to live with him, but remains at home, awaiting her fourteenth birthday...

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