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The historical nature of our theme means we can't just point you to a television series or a trilogy of novels and say: "Read these and you'll have a complete understanding of our world." But it does place within all our hands the ability to achieve greater depth and verisimilitude in our roleplay, than would ever be possible in a fictional universe.

If you've played on a medieval fantasy MU* before, then reviewing our Theme files should tell you most or all of what you need to know to get started on OutremerMUSH and play at a relatively superficial level.

But if you'd like to dig deeper, know more, and add all manner of detail and colour to your poses, read on!


Wikipedia may be basic and flawed, but it's astonishingly comprehensive, and a check is recommended especially if you want to develop a historical character. Have a really decent root around and follow every link in sight. You can fill in gaps as long as nothing is too blatantly contradicted. Even if you aren't planning on a historical character, Wikipedia will substantially flesh out the events we've briefly summarised in the Timeline.

If Mr Jimmy Wales should fail you, then a general google about what you want to know never hurts (though do tell us where you're getting stuff from in your application). The Catholic Encyclopedia is also free and helpful in places (especially holy ones).


These are some of the books our admins use for reference and inspiration, so reading them yourself is the very best way to learn more. We've provided Amazon links, but many of them could probably be found in your local library.

They are listed roughly in order of importance as we consider it.


Byron would like to add an honourable mention for Kingdom of Heaven. It looks good, anyway.

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