Scarlet the Dwarf

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Scarlet the Dwarf
Full Name: Scarlet
Title(s): You There
Age: Indeterminate
Birthdate: Unknown
Nationality: Presumed Frankish
Religion: He prefers not to say
Allegiance: Royal House
Marriage(s): None known
Issue: None suspected
OOC Information
Type: Fictional Colour
Faction: Incomers
Portrayed By: Verne Troyer

Scarlet presents an enigma all out of proportion to his size.

He serves as nominal valet to Count Henry II of Champagne; but what else?

Time was no problem for me, but I wasn't eager to hear the long life story of a dwarf.

All of the sudden Scarlet the dwarf started his constant and flamboyant presence at court with a sensation that is well remembered by those, who witnessed his official entry at the city. In late summer of 1192 on a remarkably damp day, a dwarf was seen riding a young, slender but slightly irritated deer at Saint Demetrius' Square. The cause of the mount's grudge was probably the condition of it's rider's attire, for the whole dwarf was soaked in wine from head to toe, leaving a dripling red rivulet behind on the way past many gaping petitioners. His colourful entry coined the name 'Scarlet' before he reached the gateway to the Royal Palace with it's puzzled guards.

The questions about his origin, purpose and position he answered in heavy tongued Langue D'oeuil spiced with sonorously rolling r's, that a wise men had sent him to visit Count Henry himself. The reason, that actually brought him to Henry de Champagne are controversial. Maybe the guards were just humourous men, maybe the fact that he was well-spoken, even capable of latin brought him into the audience chamber, but most certainly it has been a pinch of luck, that smoothened his path.

Waist-high bane in new domain

Soon after, the dwarf had been bathed, sobered and put into a position at court. The riddle, where he has come from had not been solved, though. Smart guards followed the red trails of wine back to the Venetian Quarter, to the wine cellar of a merchant, who claimed to know nothing, to never have seen the dwarf before and not to miss a single drop of his precious wine.

At court he soon proved himself useful as skilled master of concotions that heal quickly every headache or soured belly after nights flooded with wine. Also he showed some witticism, that soon made him shine out of other occasional court dwarfes. %r At one occasion, when a noble lady fancied putting him in her late child's attire, he nimbly refused to accept this suggestion. Neither she, nor her handmaidens were able to catch him and the more he escaped the more eager they tried to catch him. In the end, under a huge turmult in the hallways of the Royal Palace, the lady ended up tumbling over her skirts and lying flat on the floor at the dwarf's feet right in the moment Count Henry and a few of his men arrived. Scarlet, slowly getting himself a cup of wine of a squire's hand was said to raise it in a jovial gesture and proclaim, that they had just witnessed nothing but the lady's eagerness to prove her skills, for everyone small or tall should have known that she had been able to make the best carpets all over the holy land. Much frowned upon by those women, he had a healthy laughter at his side, joined by many others over the next few months.

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