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On a small game such as ours we are more concerned with maintaining a balanced cast of characters, than with setting artificial limits upon how many PCs of each rank or station we are willing to entertain at any given time.

This page will always have the latest information on the particular characters and concepts we would like to see in play, and also the concepts we'd particularly like not to have any more of at present. But regardless of what you read below, if you have a character idea you're passionate about, please contact us and we'll try to find a way to make it work.

Characters for adoption

House of Saint-Omer - Historical Characters

Ralph de Saint-Omer, Seneschal of Jerusalem, a lawyer and intriguer as much as a knight. In his twenties. Historical death 1220.

Agnes Grenier, daughter of Renaud Grenier, Ralph's wife. Not more than twenty-two. Historically dead some time before Henry of Champagne (1197).

Hugh de Saint-Omer, Prince of Galilee and Lord of Tiberias, the Seneschal’s elder brother and another schemer. About thirty. Historical death unknown, but after Henry of Champagne’s (1197) and before Ralph de Saint-Omer’s (1220).

Other Historical Characters

Eustacia de Chabot, Lady of Vouvent and Mervent in her own right, Countess of Ascalon; Geoffrey de Lusignan’s recently married wife, in her twenties, an heiress in the west with a distaste for the Holy Land. Historical death after 1200.

Humphrey, lord of Toron, unheroic grandson of a famous knight, lately an ally of the King of England. The cast-off husband of Queen Isabella, regarded by most as a coward and invert. In his late twenties. An Arabic speaker. Historical death unknown.

Desired and undesired concepts

The Kingdom of Jerusalem is still struggling to recover from the events of recent years. It is not at all a safe place to visit on one's holidays. Thus pilgrims are liable to be somewhat hardy of temperament; and knights seeking glory in the Holy Land are likely to be doing it because they had nothing left to lose at home, or had made themselves downright unwelcome there.

Adventurers, outlaws, debtors, bastards, perverts, and maniacs are all most welcome, but it is improbable that a wealthy nobleman who enjoyed good standing in Europe would pack up his sword and his missal and move to Acre unless he were excessively pious.

We have two Templar and two Hospitaller PCs at the moment, and as we aim, ideally, to keep the balance between these two major Orders even, more of both are presently welcome!

In the same spirit, some French and Provençal characters would be preferred to English/Plantagenet ones for the moment, as we have several of the latter already.

Merchants (Flemish, Italian, or local), ecclesiastics, and common pilgrims are all very much encouraged.

An Armenian character - perhaps an envoy from the Armenian princes - would be delightedly received. Armenians are all-rounders with a fiercely independent culture. Playing one would probably require some research - unless you're actually Armenian, which would be brilliant too - but reap luscious rewards.

The bachelor knights are getting lonely on cold desert evenings. Bring on the dancing girls, ahem, courtesans.

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