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You've created a character and you're waiting to be approved. It feels as though everyone else is roleplaying the most incredible scenes, and there you are, stuck in OOC limbo, obsessively refreshing +staff to see if anyone is online, if there is any hope.

The hours seem like weeks; and some of the minutes are frankly dreadful.

However can you pass the time?

Why Not...?

Some of the code on OutremerMUSH may be unfamiliar to you. Why not learn how to use it?


Why not write yourself a luxurious wardrobe of descs for different occasions?

+help +desc

Why not catch up on current events?



At some point in the near future an admin will contact you regarding the establishment of IC goals for your PC. Usually we'll suggest a particular direction, something integrated with the overall story, but you might like to develop some thoughts of your own to bring to the discussion.

You won't be penalised for failing to achieve any of these goals -- they're intended to add extra depth and direction to your roleplay, whether you fail, succeed, or just go round and round in brilliantly entertaining circles.

Personal NPCs

It might be a good idea to give some thought to your Personal NPCs.

These are your PC's own support figures and hangers-on. You may create and @emit your own as needed; it is encouraged to make them specific rather than general (e.g. give your maid a name and an age, rather than just writing "a maid"), and to add a couple of lines about each to a special section on your wiki page. (Please do not, however, use them as de facto extra alts.)

Normal personal NPCs for X are Y. Et cetera.

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